Does The Community Broadband Feasibility Study Do More Harm?


It might be the time for the communities to reconsider the feasibility study process. The communities can spend a maximum of $150,000 to do a complete study, but can they really resolve the questions that they need to pursue? There are some who feel that this process with its roots dating to the 1970s requires an upgrade to keep up the pace with the current infrastructure. The creator of custom GIS as well as other technologies, Richard Frank streamlines the engineering planning and the design phase as well. He feels that it needs more time and money for the feasibility study of a public network to resolve the questions that are already answered. He also explains how the available data can be used to get many answers that are needed for an appropriate engineering design, usage of the best business practices for the network planning, and better use of the existing tech assets.

How Can Advanced Analytics Serve The Healthcare Industry?


An analytics initiative that is focused on a single task can also spawn across the enterprise with a cyclical approach to make the data driven decisions that are based on advanced analytics. Given what is done in the healthcare industry today, and how the organizations are moving forward from the base or the descriptive with analytics towards advanced modeling like neural networks, predictive modeling, and linear regression. Imagine that your analytics initiative debuts with a focus on battling the healthcare payment fraud. Now, consider how the same tools can be applied to many applications throughout the company such as claims processing, medical affairs, sales, etc. It is a model that can be used in a number of sectors and companies. You will get to learn about the path from the base analytics to the advanced analytics, creating an enterprise culture of analytics, combating fraud, and gaining maximum value from a vigorous data analytics solution.

Tangerine Mobile – Use Location to Resolve Complex Questions


The use of the real time location services and other sensors is to follow and optimize performance in a slew of industries. The consumer insights as well as asset management is transitioning into an important one. You need to build valuable new insights about traffic patterns with the detailed traffic metrics, consumer behavior, analysis for zones and routes along with affluent visualizations featuring traffic maps that are animated and tracking assets are quite critical in many industries. You need to understand where the assets are, the history of their location, and the potential issues that might exist. All this is possible by making use of the data in a useful way.

Voices Of The IBM Security


Lately, one of the popular tech companies, IBM has made several announcements. One such announcement is the planned acquisition of the company Resilient Systems, Inc. that aims to provide a proactive and comprehensive approach to the organizations to respond to the cyber breaches quickly and effectively across segments such as products, services, and consulting. With the acquired company being a leader in the incident response segment, IBM will now be in a position to offer the first integrated end-to-end security operations as well as response platform in the industry. This will keep the attacks away with the solutions to protect and detect to response.