The 5th Wheel Hitch

One of the most popular an most convenient towable trailers on the market are the 5th wheel campers. If you have recently purchased one or are in the market currently looking to purchase one, then you know that this type of trailer requires a specific 5th wheel hitch in order to attach it to your towing vehicle. In order to make the hitching process as easy as possible, purchasing a 5th wheel slider hitch may be a wise decision. This 5th wheel slide hitch, once installed, makes it possible for you to attach the 5th wheel trailer to your vehicle by yourself. This article explains the functionality and how-to of this hitch in order to make its installation – and the future hitching of your 5th wheel trailer – as painless as possible.RV Park - Campers

You should choose your 5th wheel hitch based on what type of vehicle you are using to tow the trailer. Every hitch manufacturer offers different advantages to their unique hitch options, so it will be up to you to decide which hitch and which method of hitch installation you want to use. The sliding hitch makes it possible for you to tow your trailer with a smaller vehicle by preventing the camper hull from smacking into the cab of your truck. Standard fifth wheel hitches are best for larger pick-up trucks as this type of hitch gives you more room to turn and can be easily removed for towing your trailer on other vehicles. If you are an off-roading type of driver, than an air ride hitch will be perfect for your vehicle and your 5th wheel trailer. This hitch provides an air shock that keeps your trailer from bouncing around too much and reduces excess weight and stress on your tow vehicle as well as your hitch attachments.

If you are the type of tower that carries more stock and animals, consider installing a goose neck trailer hitch. This is the kind of hitch you see with the ball on the end of it, and you want to attach the ball side to your towing vehicle while attaching the companion hitch to the trailer. This type of hitch is very easy to attach and detach, giving you easy access to the bed of your truck when you aren’t towing the trailer.

As stated earlier though, our favorite type of hitch is the 5th wheel slider hitch just because of the ease it gives you for attaching the trailer by yourself. This is perfect if you are traveling alone or with people who have a habit of disappearing on you when you’re ready to hitch a trailer. The slider hitch also makes for easy turns like the standard hitch, but it takes all the guesswork out of installation by raising the ball just high enough for you to see what your attaching it to. To install your slider hitch, back your tow vehicle in slowly towards the trailer, getting close enough to attach the hitch with ease. Raise the ball just enough so you can see what you’re doing, and then gently drop the hitch into place, locking it so that the trailer is safely secured to the towing vehicle. As long as you have backed your truck or SUV into the general vicinity of the hitch, you will be able to slide it right into place. Hence the title of 5th wheel slide hitch. For information about RV Parks

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