Local Insurance Agents Can Give You Quotes

Local insurance agents at Falcon Insurance in San Antonio can give you quotes from many companies approved to sell insurance, and they also provide you with professional advice and guidance. A car insurance rate comparison can easily be done online.

People tend to stay with the same company for years, even though they may be paying more than they have to! Compare rates from other companies today and prevent this from happening to you. More information on this website

The More You Quote, The More You Can Save!

Liability rates on average cost approximately $449 of your insurance premium, which when compared to the physical damage coverages of comprehensive and collision, is quite affordable. If you think you car won’t get stolen, think again. There are over 6,476 vehicle thefts each year in the area.car insurance

The best car insurance rates in may be through an online insurance company like GEICO or Progressive, or it may be through a traditional carrier like a local State Farm or Allstate agent. If you just got your auto insurance renewal, you are probably shocked by the rates and want to find lower rates with a different company.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

It only takes about five minutes to get multiple estimates from different companies in your area. With over 28 million people in the state of Texas, you wouldn’t think the most stolen vehicles in Texas would be Chevrolet and Ford pickups, but they are. But don’t think that your car can’t be stolen just because it isn’t one of the most frequently stolen vehicles.

Out of the approximate 18 million people driving in Texas, many of those consumers have saved money on car insurance.

Buy Online or Find a Local Agent

Your ‘dec’ page or declarations page of your auto insurance policy outlines your current coverages and shows you the coverages you need to compare insurance rates.

More and more people every year use our online quote form to save time and find lower car insurance rates. Quoting and buying car insurance online has become much easier over the last few years.

car insurance
Auto Insurance

Even High Risk and SR22 Car Insurance Quotes!

Prepare to pay more for physical damage coverage than liability coverage. Liability averages about $449, while physical damage insurance costs $456 for the average driver. If you own a home in, a good way to save money on your car insurance is to combine your auto and home policies with the same company.

Liability insurance is a coverage that is very affordable and state minimum requirements are usually not enough insurance for most people. Online car insurance rates can be significantly different than what you may get from an agent, so it’s important to get quotes from both to make a fair comparison.

Lower your Car Insurance with These Tips:

Filing excessive claims will not only raise your rates, but may also force your policy to be cancelled by your insurance company

Making your policy payments in installments can actually cost you more than paying it in full

Senior citizens can often receive cheaper car insurance rates

Insurance companies reward policy holders who stay with their company for a longer period of time by giving a small discount

Consider dropping physical damage coverage on older vehicles

Get multiple comparison quotes from insurance agents. 

Many consumers save hundreds of dollars a year by letting Falcon Independent Insurance Agency compare rates! Visit our Website here @ https://falconins.com

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