What Will Happen When Machines Start Thinking?

thinking machine

Stephen Gordon and Phil Bowermaster, the hosts of this radio talk show, discuss a key breakthrough in the segment of artificial intelligence. Using chips that are packed densely with the RPU tiles, the researchers state that a resistive computing based Al system that is once built can achieve many performance enhancements. Well, these performance enhancements might range up to 30,000 times as compared with the current architectures. This is possible with around 84,000 GigaOps/second/watt of power efficiency. If it manages to become a reality, we can realize the fantasy vision of Isaac Asimov of the robotic Positronic brain. If this is true, Al is coming soon, and we can get a better start to unlearn some misconceptions about the same.

MAP 201: Expand Your Policy

map 201

In case, your organization has never considered expansions or refining your existing policy of pricing, you might be wondering what might come next. In this MAP segment, MAP 201, you will get to know more about the pricing policy with the host Anthony and the guest, attorney Gene Zelek, who is an expert in the pricing policy field from Freeborn Peters, LLC. Now, it is the time to get a deeper education. Here, you will learn about many things related to building your policy as we cover topics such as resale price programs, the difference between a program and a policy, minimum advertised price policy, the rule of reason, combating retail price erosion, etc.

I-Spies Look Out For You


Have you ever thought that online privacy could not get any worse than this? The technology developers have unveiled software that will let your smartphone listen to your TV viewing habits. Well, this software is known as SilverPush, and it is an Android based application that makes use of your smartphone to listen to the television shows. This will happen in the background. In turn, the third party advertisers will get the information on your vowing habits. The more troubling fact is the kind of technology could open Pandora’s Box by using your home, business, vehicle, etc. absolute listening to the stations as other IoT devices can be easily converted into spies.

Black Twitter


Let’s visit this topic that is an online community referred to as Black Twitter in the social media. The term Black Twitter is a cultural identity that is a part of the micro-blogging platform Twitter. It I nothing but a collective term used to refer the African American users on the social media site, Twitter. This show welcomes a panel of prominent social media personalities in order to discuss the profound effect that the Black Twitter community has had on the typical media and how it actually works to intensify the marginalized voices. You will get to know more about the Black Twitter community via this radio talk show.