Analyzing Video Evidence Of Southern Sasquatch

 Analyzing Video Evidence

The mystery behind the Southern Sasquatch is yet to be solved, and it is time for a discussion on the video evidence gathered by MK Davis. He is a resident of Mississippi and has researched a whole lot of subjects from Tornados, insects, sasquatch and more. He was lucky enough to review a video footage from a location over a stipulated period. If this subject is of your interest, join us for a detailed interview. We will be discussing various subjects on Tall Paul, Whitey, and Texas fence hurdler videos. Tonight at 9 pm spend time with the MK Davis and learn more about the existence of Southern Sasquatch.

A Peep Into The Other World With Clare Evans And Rachael Darby


CX6epxbWwAAuocDClare Evans and Rachael Darby will be at the studio on Tuesday to discuss the legends and myths. The girls will discuss the legends ranging from the Zozo to the Greek Gods. The discussion will cover personalized family tales and factual reports. Listeners can join the chat room and share their experiences about the legends and myths they have heard. The hosts are here to listen to your stories and tales. Join us to as we are keen to listen to what you have to say. Now grab a cuppa and listen to the ladies as they explore the myths.

Traveling Alone Taught Many Lessons Says, Christin Myrick

Christin Myrick

Christin Myrick, a popular poet, traveler, and author will open up on her life experience with hostess Kelly Morgan Merly on the journey leading to her soul purpose. You will be mystified by the life journey of Myrick and how her faith showed her the purpose of life. She confides that travel has taught her many lessons. She is now a fun loving, spontaneous person. Myrick says that many people have saved her at different point of time. She adds the connection makes the world a better place, and she has learned a lesson by traveling alone. She is glad to share her experience on this show.

Talk To Your Loved Ones And Recreate Memories


The host is a Reiki Practitioner and Evidential Spiritual Psychic Medium. Go through the readings and connect to the link using validation evidence all through. This evidence can be anything like memories, personality, birthdays, remote viewing, etc. The whole overview depends on the connection with the loved one based on the spirit side of life. The process is similar, but there is something different in every sitting. The spirit can communicate in varied ways. It again depends on how the loved one feels and the connection is easier from thereon. It can be anything from feeling, hearing, seeing and more. It is a time to recreate memories.